About Us

The Re-establishment 
Founded in 2017 by Jonathan & Seph, the newly reborn O.PARDON. A young and eager Amsterdam-based men’s brand.

The Gap 
When Jonathan was studying Commercial Economics and Seph was studying Fashion, they both experienced a gap between the following three desired lifestyles in fashion:

The French

"The man who admires high quality fabrics and timeless basics. Dressed simple, but chic with a somewhat arrogant attitude".

The Modernist
"The man with affection for simplicity, clarity of shape and rejects unnecessary additions in his style".

The Opportunist

"The man who goes for what he wants and likes to have at a certain moment. Why he wants and likes it doesn’t need any other reason then his gut feeling".

The French, The  Modernist & The Opportunist
The Philosophy 
O.PARDON is bridging the gap, by combining elements from each of the three lifestyles and implementing these in its quality, design, color, silhouette and imagery.
Therefor the brand stands for creating timeless, consistent good quality “Special Basics” and offering honest prices by letting go of the original retail mark-ups. 

Special Basics

No Concepts, Seasonal Collections Or Sale Periods 
The man’s closet should be a twenty-four-year old collection of brilliant products without having to think of a garment that comes from an outdated concept or a previous season. Therefor O.PARDON does not work with concepts, seasonal collections or sale periods. Each of the “Special Basic” garments must be available all year long.

Where From
We are born in Amsterdam, harvested anywhere, raised everywhere and are going to live in this magnificent world with you. 

The Future 
Step by step O.PARDON comes closer to what we think is an interesting direction for the brand. 
We won’t divulge anything, but if you keep up with us you will notice which kind of path we will create. 
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