Who are we? And what
do we stand for?

Let’s tell you something About Us.

The newly reborn O.PARDON

An Amsterdam-based, Special Basic brand. Founded in 2017 by Jonathan & Seph.

The Gap

When Jonathan was studying Economics and Seph was studying Fashion, they both experienced a gap between the following three desired lifestyles in fashion:

The French

The man who likes timeless quality & design and mixes casual with classic. 

The Modernist

The man who loves minimalism,  clarity of shape and modern materials. 

The Opportunist

The man who likes to follow his gut feeling and doesn't overthink to much in the way he dresses. The man who leaves a bit untacked.  

These are the foundation, the fundamentals and the motivation of O.PARDON.

The fusion of these styles — we like to call Special Basics — are the cornerstones of our brand identity.

More For Less. Directly to You.

At O.PARDON we truly believe in communicating and listening directly to you, and leaving the retailers and their outdated retail mark-ups behind. 

By this way of communication and leaving behind these mark-ups, we're able to offer “More for Less” in quality and applying an average price reduction of two hundred fifty percentage. 

Therefore we choose to sell our Special Basic garments online only, so we're able to offer “A consistently good quality for an honest price”, which we genuinely believe in. 

A Consistently Good Quality

The consistent good qualities we  use, starts with mechanical harvesting that eliminates all traces of contamination and gives life to a pure quality. 

These processes are taking place in Egypt and America. 

Secondly, we've the honor to use the best fabrics available and spend time with a few small but skilled mills to develop fabrics we want but don’t exist yet. 

Our premium fabrics and garments; the t-shirt & sweater are made by highly experienced and knowledgeable workmen and women in Portugal, in the vicinity of Porto. 

Therefor all garments our factories in Portugal make are honest, long-lasting and thorough down to the last detail. 

No Seasonal Collections
Or Sale Periods

We believe that by offering consistent good quality Special Basics, the man’s wardrobe should be a timeless collection of brilliant products. Without having to think of a garment that comes from an outdated concept or a previous season. 

Therefor we do not work with seasonal collections or sale periods. 

Each of our garments should be available all year long.


The original 1987
O.PARDON story

Michael Smit created the brand name O.PARDON.

The Womanizer

It all started on a beautiful day, in central London on ‘Piccadilly Circus’.

Michael rushed out of a cab accidentally stepping on the foot of a beautiful woman. He immediately excused himself by saying "Pardon me, Madame”. Michael looked up and judged by the look on her face he knew that a pardon alone was not sufficient. Michael then daringly decided to ask her out for dinner and to his surprise, she accepted.


They shared a very special evening together which made a lasting impression on Michael, he was inspired. Back in Amsterdam he kept thinking about that night and the moment he uttered the words; “Pardon me, Madame” never left his mind.

As the brilliant creator and founder of the Dutch brand ‘Sissy-Boy’, Michael thought ‘what could be a better way to remember such a night than to create a clothing brand in memory of it.


The Creator

Michael realised that “Pardon me, Madame” was too long for a brand name, so he chose ‘Pardon’. But ‘Pardon’ alone was not enough, the brand name needed more allure and charm.

Michael started thinking about that night in London and at the same time thought of infinity. Because if he had his way, that night would have lasted forever.

It suddenly dawned on Michael how to make that night timeless, a circle and this is how the brand name came to be: O.PARDON.


In Memory

In June 2011 after a long brave battle of zeventeen years, against ‘Non-Hodgkin’ and to our great sorrow, Michael passed away at the age of 53. 
Unfortunately Sissy-Boy stopped producing a new collection for O.PARDON and no longer used the name.

Six years later, Michael's son Seph & Jonathan took over the brand name. They strive to close a gap and creating The new lifestyle of O.PARDON which it deserves. 

Wear It and Be Joyful.